Klaus Refrigeration is becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional refrigeration appliances, based on the standard of European technology for upper-class restaurants, hotels, and resorts around the world.

With the aim to be the top in the hospitality and F&B industry with the best-qualified refrigeration solutions, our products are defined as a combination of the latest technology trends and customer’s needs. We materialize it in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone with a high-tech manufacturing factory, which yearly productivity of 15.000 units and thus shortening the delivery time for both standard and custom-made products.

Our experienced international and local experts have built a leading professional production environment in the field of manufacturing refrigeration equipment. So that we can supply diverse models and high-quality products as well as delivering new concepts and solutions beyond customer’s expectations.


The modern technology for manufacturing the quality product

The factory system is fully equipped with automatic production lines and the highest level of accuracy from Europe to create high-end product lines. With a strong orientation towards green and sustainable manufacturing, our products all meet the criteria of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and while reducing operating costs.

We offer a variety of specialized refrigeration products

Klaus Refrigeration produces and provides clients with a variety of commercial foodservice equipment, such as upright cabinets, chillers, freezers, bar coolers, display cabinets, and more. Whatever kind of functions or specific refrigeration appliances you are longing for, you figure out in Klaus Refrigeration!

Innovative Ideas & Stylish Design​

Aiming to meet all of the requests, Klaus Refrigeration always amazes customers with Innovative Ideas & Stylish Design, from the various color of food-grade stainless steel or elegant V-cut bending to the smart functions and easy-to-clean materials for your upper-class kitchen.

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